Lighthouse Center® Poland


Since 2003, the Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) owns and maintains a center called Lighthouse Center® Poland in Pobiedna, with the key aim to create an environment where the ideals of this Society can be put into practice. Visit the website of Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP).

In total the center owns almost 12 hectares of land located in a beautiful countryside location in the region of Lower Silesia, near the German and Czech Republic borders. The Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) has developed and grown over the past few years with the support of many volunteers and donors from across many European countries.

Consisting of a beautifully renovated farmhouse where guests are accommodated, the Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) is situated in an ideal setting for practicing a natural and healthy lifestyle, and the meditation as taught by Sant Baljit Singh Ji. It also consists of additional buildings housing workshops and storage facilities as well as an eco-friendly building fitted with solar panels and an ecological heating system. Apart from this, the Lighthouse Center® Poland (LCP) is the main hub of activities for the Holosophic Society Poland (PTH).