The most powerful way to effect change on the outside is through making changes on the inside.

In Practice

In Practice

The Holosophic Society Poland, called Polskie Towarzystwo Holozofizcne (PTH) in Polish, promotes and organizes projects and positive contributions that align with our three core areas of focus: body, mind, and soul.


The Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) receives the necessary funding through donations. Many people willingly give their time to work freely for the society’s different tasks and projects, making possible a variety of activities.

Free of charge

The society provides the information and programs free of charge to everyone, regardless of nationality, political or social position, religion, education or profession.

The Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) was founded as a charitable organization in 1996 in the city of Gdansk, Poland, and is registered at the Register Court of Wroclaw.

The Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) is a member and receives support from the Holosophic Society International (HSI).

Our Ideals

The Holosophic idea works at three levels: body, mind and soul. Our aim is to strike a balance among all three.


Holosophic at the level of body is about being aware of and adopting a healthy lifestyle through our choice of foods and physical work. It involves the use of  natural resources in a sustainable way that respects  life in all its  forms.



Holosophic at the level of mind is about raising an understanding of what being a human is. It develops  an awareness of ourselves, how we think and act. It transforms  our attitude towards ourselves and the people in the society around us.



Holosophic at the level of soul means that through meditation one realizes one’s core element of existence, the soul itself—the source and essence of everything. This can be attained through meditation on Inner Light and Sound as offered by Sant Mat.



In the world we live in, we are driven by practical experiences, and the Holosophic concept in today’s times is just that: a practical integration of this knowledge in our daily life.