2014- September    


EN translation of the article on the Luban website about the Bus station project, September 2014

Aiming at reaching the inner harmony, we quickly realise that it is closely connected with the situation of the people around us. Therefore, one of the main aims of our association is to provide help to those in need – this is how the members of Polskie Towarzystwo Holozoficzne summarise their activities.
During the last session of the Municipal Council of Leśna, an unusual ceremony took place. The Mayor Jan Surowiec, together with the council, thanked the members of Polskie Towarzystwo Holozoficzne from Pobiedna for their contribution to the development of the small community of Pobiedna.
“Members of this international association have been supporting the community of Pobiedna for more than ten years through various activities, from charity projects such as delivering fire wood to families in need or distributing clothes, to the construction of a playground for children or painting the facade of the local kindergarten building”, said the sołtys (chair woman of Pobiedna) Anna Hałas. ”I wish every sołtys just half of such a group that I have in Pobiedna.”
This time the members of the association were thanked by the city council of Leśna for the development of a square next to the bus stop in Pobiedna. The realisation of this initiative took place for several weeks, with the active participation of the association members, local government and residents of Pobiedna.
In the gallery below you will find a photographic report of this project.
The aim of the holosophic idea is the achievement of a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual level of a human being. This is obtained by taking care of the human body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with equal respect for all creatures and an understanding of the processes of human thinking as well as the development of self-awareness. Moreover, on the spiritual level through meditation, which allows us to find out about the nature of our own existence. Learn more about PTH and their activities on their website.
PS.: During the meeting mentioned above, the councillors’ room was visited by unexpected and unusual guests – primary school children from the village of Pobiedna. Even though the visit was completely spontaneous, the kids did not leave the Municipal Council without small gifts, provided by the president of the council, Walter Straszak.