Article published in monthly newsletter “Panorama Lesnej” Nr. 7 (8), August 8, 2012

Holosophic Society for Pobiedna

Construction of a public playground by Polskie Towarzystwo Holozoficzne
(Polish Holosophic Society) in Pobiedna is a great initiative of the aforementioned organization for the local society.
Within its framework the existing playground has been thoroughly modernized.
Walking paths have been created, modern, safe and functional playground equipment has been installed and the land has been remarkably laid. One of the goals of PTH is promotion and taking all actions aiming at organization of human life in a manner which assures physical, mental and spiritual health. PTH undertook to construct the playground free of charge.
The Municipal Office in Leśna actively participated in realization of this task and supported this valuable initiative helping in formal issues by purchase of two garden lamps, baskets, benches and flower lawns. Regular visits of the employees of Referat Gospodarki Komunalnej i Inwestycji UM (Section for Commune Economy and Investments of the Municipal Office) and the Mayor of Leśna on the construction site allowed to monitor the progress of changes systematically and to respond to the needs immediately.
Very good knowledge of foreign languages of the employees of the aforementioned Section turned out to be very essential. It should be mentioned that the members of Polskie Towarzystwo Holozoficzne communicate in German and English.
The playground is going to be available for all residents, both the youngest and the elderly.
Piotr Sudnik