Maybe you remember the project of creating a playground for the children of Pobiedna which was realised last summer 2012. This summer the chairwoman of the village was addressing us that she would like to establish a facility for the teenagers of the village as well. A proper place for this purpose was found, sufficiently large surrounding the main bus stop in the village. Together we prepared a proposal and itemised its implementation into several phases, which will be realised sequentially within the next years. The bus station itself was in a poor condition and the first phase naturally focused on its reconstruction. The bus-traffic is quite lively in Pobiedna, because many people have to travel to work by bus and the children from seventh grade have to attend school in other cities nearby. The wooden boards and the metal roof of the bus station were replaced, stone walls were cleaned of graffiti and a bench for the passengers was built inside. In the back wall of the bus station an opening was built – like a window – through which the morning sun is now shining in. The villagers of Pobiedna appreciate the renovated station and can now wait for their bus in a pleasant environment. Read part 2 of the project here.