June till August 2012

For about 2 months Holosophic Society Poland (PTH) volunteers together with locals constructed the playgroundThis project is a cooperative effort between the village of Pobiedna and the Holosophic Society Poland’s Lighthouse Center® Poland, situated 2 km from the village center of Pobiedna. The project to rebuild the run-down playground in the village square of Pobiedna originated from an idea of the village’s chairwoman. She had approached the Holosophic Society Poland through the Lighthouse Center Poland crew the previous year, asking for their support in realizing this community project.

The local municipality had insufficient financial means to rejuvenate the area but the Holosophic Society Poland invited volunteers from the Lighthouse Center® Poland and from all over Europe to join the project.

The Holosophic Society Poland supported the creation of a beautiful playground for the village of Pobiedna. You can read all about this exciting project on the following blog: Playground Project in Pobiedna, Holosophic Society Poland (PTH).

. Holosophic Society Poland (PTH): Pobiedna Village Playground after completion of construction