Article Pobiedna Website Bus Station Remodelling

2014- September EN translation of the article on the Pobiedna website about the Bus station project, September 2014 On the 25th of September 2014 during the meeting of the Municipal Council in Leśna , a positive emphasis was put on the village of Pobiedna. The Mayor of Leśna, Jan Surowiec, thanked Polskie Towarzystwo Holozoficzne with its office in Pobiedna for their activities to the benefit of the local community, which he expressed in the presence of members of the society. The acknowledgement was in particular related to the latest undertaking, which is being realised in Pobiedna. The members of the PTH, with their own efforts, for their own accounts and in cooperation with the Sołectwo Pobiedna and the Gmina Leśna, are realising a community project called “Restoration of the bus stop and remodelling of the surrounding area” (which is described here). Members of the Society have been living in Pobiedna for more than ten years. During this time they have realised numerous projects that have been important for the residents. The most significant was the construction of a playground for children in 2012. Since the playground was put into use for the children, members of the PTH have been maintaining it regularly, mowing the lawn, checking the technical condition of the toys and appliances as well as repairing them if needed. In 2011(Remark:2009) they renovated the facade of Przedszkole Gminne (the Community Kindergarten) and a school gymnasium. Charity events are organised several times per year. They distribute food, household appliances, clothes, shoes, bedclothes, mattresses, toys. During one of these actions, 25 square metres of appliances and clothes were... read more

Article Holosophic – Holosophy: What Does It Mean?

Article published in monthly „Echa Izerskie“, issue Nr. 14, August 2012 Holosophy: What Does It Mean? Holosophic Society from Pobiedna, together with their friends, is a group of people who out of the goodness of their hearts want to selflessly help the others. “I am impressed by their work“ said Mr. J. Surowiec. The motto of the activity of the group from Wola Sokolowska, where is the seat of the Society, is just “doing good“, even though this statement is not so popular nowadays. However, if even people from abroad join these activities, working at construction of a save playground for children, or (in co-operation with the Soltys and the Soltys Council) build snow fences, so that the road is not blocked by snow anymore, it certainly deserves heartfelt thanks. Moreover, the core of the Society’s activity is establishing proper interaction between people and animals, promoting vegetarian diet, etc. “Doing good“ is simply the matter of one‘s... read more